We knew that Samsung would release the One UI Watch 4.5 global update very soon., interface Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to improve usability. Now we can confirm that this new version is official and loaded with new features.

We’re not talking about a rumor in this case, but it was Samsung itself who confirmed the launch of this update. Wear OS 3.5 and this is coming to further enhance the user experience of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

As stated in the press release “The new One UI Watch4.5 release adds a richer typing experience, an easier way to search, and a host of new intuitive accessibility features that together make Galaxy Watch a more complete package.”

What news is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

The truth is that there are several Samsung smartwatch improvements. For example, a QWERTY keyboard with the option to swipe for typing is added, which reminds us of the acclaimed Swype keyboard. With this, besides being able to dictate or use emojis, you will be able to type more comfortably despite the size of the screen.

Refreshed interface of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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Refreshed interface of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 SAMSUNG

Personalization takes on an important role with the arrival of One UI Watch 4.5. Now you will have many options to change the face of your smartwatch with all kinds of watch faces to give your smartwatch a different touch.

Another of the most interesting functions is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 work with two SIM cards. You can now choose which number you want to call on the watch.

Continuing with the innovations that come with this new version of its interface for the Korean-based giant’s wearable family, to say the following: One UI Watch 4.5 improves accessibility features. For example, people with color blindness will have a new color correction option so they can adjust it to their liking. And users who are hard of hearing will be able to adjust the volume so that one earpiece is louder than the other. They also added a function to set the duration of a tap while enabling certain options to avoid ghost touches.

Availability of One UI Watch 4.5

To say that Samsung has confirmed this A UI Watch 4.5 will arrive during the third quarter of the year for all versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. In other words, starting from September, we will be able to enjoy all these innovations.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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