A render of the Apple Watch Pro, filtered showing its amazing design

We know that Apple is preparing a big surprise with the arrival of its new generation smart watch. Mainly a Apple WatchPro It will stand out with its resistance to everything. As well as launching a completely revamped design.

We know we have an important date with Apple in September where it will showcase the next generation of iPhone 14 series phones, a refurbished HomePod, possibly a new Apple TV, an iPad Pro with an M2 processor, a cheap iPad with a USB port. and Apple Watch Series 8, which is expected to have a pro version.

Now, Mark Gurman, who has weight in all things Apple products, has released a new report detailing the new secrets of the device’s possible official name, the Apple Watch Pro.

Apple Watch Pro will offer a more rounded look

To begin with, an image has leaked where we can see what it is. apple watch professional designit will stand out with its more rounded sphere and will be 2 inches to offer the best image quality. A 7% improvement over the current model and this would be a remarkable leap forward in this respect.

Apple Watch Pro too will boast better autonomy, This can translate into two or three days of use, which is a huge improvement over previous generations. According to Gurman, this will be possible as the Apple Watch Pro will have a low power mode for apps and features.

as well as making an offer shock and drop resistant body because it will have military-grade certification along with full security and a chassis made of noble materials that are also durable, such as titanium.

when it comes technical specifications of this smart watchThis model uses the new S8 processor to enjoy great performance as well as releases a temperature sensor to tell if you have a fever.

Gurman also says that the Pro can be “slightly larger than the standard Apple Watch“and it’s mainly aimed at a spectator and athlete, and that can be”Too bulky for small wrists.”

attribution Apple Watch 8 release date and price, they will definitely be presenting during the month of September. We don’t know how much it will cost, so we’ll have to wait for Apple to reveal all the secrets of its first “rugged” smartwatch, but rumors suggest it will cost around $999.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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