The modern world is faced with challenges that require an immediate response to solve them. Rapid global warming has become one of the main problems where new technohols are needed Scientists capture carbon dioxide from the air to improve the greenhouse effect. Network technologies create installations that absorb CO2, NR NR NR

In line with the billions of dollars allocated for research dollars in this area, what’s more, a facility is already under construction in the US that can capture 36,000 tons of CO2 over the course of a year. This approach is good, but expensive – it requires land to hide the system and a lot of power for filtering files and fans. Co2rail offers a more economical solution,

The idea is that, link the CO2 capture unit in a special Air Intake car, the fans will not be consumed – about the rates to be fed in with the help of the flow supplied. braking. Air from the atmosphere enters the vilindrically chamber and is subjected to a chemical process that is rejected with. Further, carbon dioxide is absorbed by the tank, and clean air is discharged into the ftemo.

In my opinion, the technology of the whole perspective and, perhaps, will reduce some to the minimum possible. At a time when manufacturers use similar stationary systems, consumption reaches $100 per CO2 capture, CO2Rail costs are estimated at $50 per ton. At the same time, the capacity of one installation car is 3,000 tons of gas per year.

Source: Tech Cult

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