Samsung is one of the most popular brands in the smartphone segment, but whenever we talk about good headphones, the South Korean brand always stands out. However, when there are so many models on the market, how do you know which one is the most suitable for daily life? In this article, we’ll review the brand’s four main wireless earbuds and explain their key differences.

In total, the Asian company has several main models in its portfolio: Galaxy Buds2, Buds Pro, Buds Live and Buds Plus. Each of them has its own functions, important updates and superior quality as they are more advanced and new.

Galaxy Buds 2

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Launched almost a year ago Galaxy Buds 2 It is an in-ear headphone, also known as in-ear True Wireless. Gadget maintains its appearance drop shape and weighing just 5 grams per unit, it’s the company’s lightest phone that feels like nothing is in the user’s ear.

Weighing just over 40 grams, the case is ideal for putting in your pocket and is white on the outside, while the headphones are available in lavender, graphite, white and green. there is a carcass IPX7 certificationwaterproof.

Buds 2 in terms of sound, two pairs of speakers to record stronger bass and treble. For calls, the product has three microphones and an integrated audio capture unit.

This leads to active noise cancellation (ANC), which directly filters out ambient noise and is achieved. reduce noise up to 98% For the user to concentrate on their music.

In addition, it is possible to achieve 360-degree sound. Dolby Atmosphere to provide the user with a more detailed sound quality. Still possible via a mobile app set audio sync and create different sound profiles.

The total battery is 472 mAh and, according to Samsung, it has 5 hours of playback and another 15 hours of autonomy when the case is fully charged. The model works from a Bluetooth 5.2 connection.

Galaxy Buds Pro

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Galaxy Buds Pro, an older model released in January 2021, leaves behind the typical small bean shape and introduces a “new” footprint. The model also has IPX7 resistor Despite being against water, this model is not suitable for swimmers like the previous one.

Thanks to its distinctive design, Buds Pro 99% active noise cancellation, its casing is more effective to enter the ear canal and isolate the sound. According to Samsung’s statement, the low protruding design minimizes contact with the wind, while all three microphones pick up and filter out unwanted outside noise. In fact, even with smart ANC, the user can use an app to increase or decrease the filtering intensity of this functionality.

On the other hand, this phone also Surround Sound functionIdeal for chatting with someone without having to remove the devices from your ears to hear better. Internally, there are also two pairs of speakers to provide good sound. Speaking of tech, Galaxy Buds Pro is covered with 360 Audio and Dolby Atmos feature.

this battery is superior to Buds 2, It offers up to 8 hours of continuous playback with ANC turned off and up to 5 hours with the feature turned on. With the case already charged, it is possible to have 18 hours of playback autonomy.

Galaxy Buds Live

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Galaxy Buds Live is from 2020 and is famous for being known for: bean design. For many, the model is very comfortable and less invasivebecause due to its shape it cannot enter the ear canal, instead it is supported from the outer part of the ear.

However, if you do a lot of sports and are afraid of wearables falling out of your ears due to body movements, this can be a hindrance. The product box resembles a jewelery box, ideal for easy carrying.

Buds Live was the first wireless phone in the Galaxy series with active noise canceling, and so we can say that the device is a great experience for the brand, until it reaches the level of quality offered in the devices to be released. In the future, like Buds Pro and Buds 2.

There are speakers AKG audio 12mmIt provides 6 hours of continuous playback or 21 hours of battery life with the battery charging case. Therefore, the big difference of this model is that although it is older, it is really its energy efficiency For those who want to stay away from sockets.

Galaxy Buds Plus

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Finally, the oldest model on the list, Galaxy Buds PlusIt looks a lot like a small button, with the simplest design ever. Each unit weighs just 6 grams, making these peripherals light to wear in the ear. But IPX2 protection only protects against sweat and splashes.

The model features AKG technology, and each earphone has a woofer and tweeter to improve sound quality. Sorry Buds Plus no active noise cancellation and may disappoint those looking for headphones to avoid distractions in the middle of the street. The case has a 270mAh battery according to Samsung. It can withstand 22 hours of use.

With unquestionable quality, Galaxy series earphones have models for every taste, and each has its own characteristics that will further satisfy every user. Now all you have to do is choose your own to enjoy with good sound.

Image: Samsung Galaxy A52

Source: Tec Mundo

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