One of the surprises at Google’s recent developer conference is Pixel 7 and a new tablet American company. Not much has been said about them, but some brushstrokes have already been dropped, which indicates very good manners.

Some details that he will have today photo set One of the most anticipated of both models. This is because the Mountain View company is one of those companies that does not follow the way others work and goes its own way (an example is its limited commitment to the number of sensors). And the truth is Results achieved so far with their smart phones. Wonderful. It’s that simple.

This will be the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro’s camera

From the hands of a developer named Kuba Wojciechowski, some features that these phones will have regarding their cameras were known. It was discovered while examining the code for the Camera app (GS101 HAL) that this person came across data posted on Twitter and shows where the shots will go in the photography of the new Pixel 7.

Thus, the main sensor is a Samsung ISOCELL GN1 Having a resolution of 50 MP, and in addition to that, there will be another one for wide angle to keep it working a bit weird when it comes to integrating this kind of element. It will be a 12-megapixel Sony IMX381 and nothing else is needed for Google to get high-range-worthy photos – but the inclusion of a third-party assistant for zooming hasn’t been overlooked.

On the other hand, the selfie camera will also be the same on all models of the Pixel 7 series and Samsung ISOCELL 3J1 11MP It will have interesting details like autofocus and also Dual Pixel to work very effectively with the ambient light.

What will happen on the Pixel Tablet

The same developer also found the configuration of this long-awaited Android operating system tablet in the photography section. There will be two gentlemen who will own the device, both Sony IMX355, with a resolution of eight megapixels. So we’re talking about a lower quality solution… but totally valid for what might be needed in this type of product.

this reasons choosing this item on the tablet is that its dimensions fit perfectly what is needed, whereas in the case of the Pixel 7 and Skin 7 Pro smartphones, Samsung wins the game because it produces much more consistent results in what it should do with the image. processing.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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