At the end of 2021, Apple announced the ability for home users to repair their devices from home. That is, without having to take it to an official repair center or an authorized dealer, and instead ask for parts and guides to solve problems with your iPhone. Samsung has joined this trend, which aims to increase the lifespan of electronic devices. Company announced a self-repair program for Galaxy mobile phones.

The South Korean firm in particular is partnering with iFixit, one of the most popular device repair portals, to offer those private users who want it the ability to repair their cell phone from home. Owners a smartphone belonging to the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S21 seriesand those who own a Galaxy Tab S7+ and reside in the United States can request materials, tools, and repair guides from the above portal or through Samsung itself to resolve a problem they have with the product.

Samsung also assured in its statement that prices for components are the same as in repair centers. Online tutorials and manuals are free. On the other hand, users can also access the iFixit forums to contact other owners, ask questions, or resolve issues. For now, yes, both Samsung and iFixit will offer components for repair a broken screen, device back glass or charging port.

Mark Williams, vice president of customer service for Samsung in the US, praised the launch of the program as a way to reduce e-waste. And he assured that the self-repair alternative “will help customers extend the life of their devices before they are recycled.”

Unfortunately, It is not yet known if the DIY repair kit will ever be released outside of the US..

Samsung isn’t the only one offering in-home repair options

Samsung, as we have already mentioned, is not the first company to offer users the opportunity to repair their devices themselves. Apple also offers self-service repair services. In it, users can buy accessories for iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 in all its variants. And also for Macs with M1 chip, broken screen repair, battery replacement, etc. from home. Apple also has a dedicated website where users can purchase required components, as well as offering manuals and repair guides.

Apple, however, warns that self-repair are performed only when the owner has sufficient knowledge to do so. These non-specialized users can take their devices to various repair centers and authorized distributors.

Source: Hiper Textual

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