Due to the intense heat wave in Mexico, journalist Jannet López decided to turn on the air conditioning of the vehicle. Where the Uber driver moves without thinking that by doing so he will incur an extra charge.

As Communicator expressed on its social networks, the travel app abused its rights by charging an additional fee, even though it was unaware of its existence. According to the driver, “it was about Uber’s new policies.”

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The journalist condemned the events on Twitter. In the post, he tagged @Uber_Mex, the official account of the Uber company in Mexico. “Hey Uber, in the midst of an almost 30 degree heat wave, your driver says I have to pay a special fee if I want them to run the air conditioner under the new policies,” the woman wrote.

Another user commented on López’s excitement, stating that the company told him it was a new service. “I asked exactly what ‘Uber Comfort’ was in Mérida, and according to the driver it was literally to ensure they had air conditioning,” @MrTonyPerez detailed.

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With that in mind, the company said there is a new category for improving the passenger experience. “Uber Comfort is a new top category, and on higher range cars you will have travel preferences where you can customize your experience in terms of speech and temperature,” the publication said.

The journalist said that instead of thinking about a special tariff for “better conversation”, they should work on a more decent service with drivers who do not abuse tariffs and go around a thousand times.

Uber’s new service has sparked mixed reactions from users, as many believe it’s “excessive” to charge for air conditioning. It is more important for them to focus on improving safety and rates.

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According to Uber, the service is about improving users’ travel experiences with a vehicle with more space and highly qualified expert drivers.

One of the services it offers is to ask the passenger before the trip if they would like to talk to the driver. Moreover, Possibility to manage 4 preset temperature settings directly from the app.

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The company talked about how people can access this new experience, which can provide greater service satisfaction among passengers, although it requires an extra fee.

1. Claim your trip.
2. Open the app and confirm your destination.
3. Select the ‘Comfortable’ box.
4. Confirm.
5. Check that the vehicle details match those in the app.
6. Arrive at your destination.
7. Payment will be made automatically by the method you have chosen.
8. Services offered will be charged there.

Uber Comfort is available in over 40 cities. You can check if your region is on the list at: https://www.uber.com/us/es/ride/uber-comfort/

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