In some cases the microphone AirPods it doesn’t work like it should. This is a headache because for example answering calls becomes a real madness. Well, we’re going to show you options to fix things quite simply.

Generally, malfunctions that do occur are not due to physical issues unless the headset has been abused quite frankly. Therefore, it is normal to have errors. software, such as those related to the configuration of the Bluetooth connection or the operation of the Apple helmets we are talking about. And somehow it is possible to solve it simple and without risking the accessory.

How to fix AirPods malfunction

After making sure something is wrong micro- so with Apple headphones one of the things you can do no matter what model you have, adjustment On the iOS operating system used by the iPhone. Usually this usually doesn’t happen, but sometimes a parameter is changed for different reasons and then forgotten to go back to the initial configuration.

AirPods headphones on top of an iPhone


In order for everything to go smoothly again, all you need to do is follow the following. markers we leave it below (without skipping a step):

  • Access the phone as usual and while on the desktop, enter the iPhone Settings using the corresponding icon in the list of applications.
  • Now, among the options listed on the screen, you need to select Bluetooth, perhaps where the parameters you changed.
  • You’ll see AirPods in the list of synced accessories and a circled “i” icon on the right. Click on it.
  • Now select Microphone from all available items. You will see different possibilities as to what it has to do with its configuration. What you need to do to avoid problems is to use the Automatically replace AirPods option. That way, everything that happens to you is likely to be resolved.
  • At this point you are done and can check if the changes have had the expected effect.

Cleaning the microphone also helps

Your problems may be due to dirt making the operation of this element uneven. AirPods microphones at the end of the temple that the helmets have. And this is where you should focus your efforts. The ideal is to switch to cleaning with a microfiber cloth and if this is insufficient compressed air -implemented directly- it can remove what’s preventing everything from working as it should.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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