Company SAMSUNG experienced a very complete Unpacked event. Alongside new foldables and smartwatches, it also announced wireless earbuds, one of its good features being freedom, and it also competes with all Apple AirPods. we are talking about Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Using Bluetooth technology to communicate with audio sources, this accessory does not use any wires to operate and has come a long way in terms of its design. In addition to being striking and having a variety of color options, smaller ones than the previous generation. Especially 15%, so that they fit better in the ear and improve ergonomics.

And one of the features that stand out as soon as you start using the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro is the resolution, as all this ensures good internal acoustics without compromising sound quality. Noise Cancellation very high pressure working with several microphones and 24-bit audio player. This means that, thanks to the use of coaxial two-way speakers, there is no loss of quality compared to that from the audio source (can be from a smartphone to a computer).

Surround sound in these Samsung helmets

This is something that is currently in demand for enjoying TV shows and movies consumed both in gaming and on the go. And not to disappoint, these headphones 360 Sound technology this allows them to seamlessly detect the exact place where an effect is coming from. Therefore, the realism they offer very effectively supports what is achieved with screens with phones or tablets.

New Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro earphones


In terms of autonomy, there is no problem with these Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pros. Because, thanks to the battery (515 mAh) included in the carrying case, the battery -61 mAh- added to each helmet, is possible. seamlessly handle a day-to-day use issue. This is ideal for those who spend a lot of time away from home. Meanwhile, a USB type C port is used for charging, these helmets are compatible with technology that provides Speed ​​up the process. The improvement over the previous generation exceeds 10%. There is nothing bad.

An accessory full of details

We say this because it is not missing water protection, so you can wear them in the gym without fear of damage and also because they use motions to control playback. As such, ease of use is high (and the same goes for the possibility of hands-free use, which is always appreciated). And always, with the use of technology Bluetooth 5.3 that the operation is perfect.

Gestures on Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


with a weight under 10 grams each of the helmets, these Samsung earphones come in different colors like white and purple. Therefore, you will definitely find the option that suits you.

This accessory is now bookable and is the first sale price. 239,898 €That’s quite a reasonable number considering the good sound they offer.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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