One of the surprising things about smart screens Amazon Echo Show the vast majority cannot be used as a photo frame (the exception is the most modern model with a 15-inch panel). This will change, as this option reaches the accessories of the well-known online store.

The screens we’re talking about are more than enough to showcase your vacation photos or a famous painting by Velázquez, without being a genius in terms of resolution or pixel density. This will obviously give you additional functionality, so it’s good news digital bezel functionality reaches the entire Amazon Echo Show lineup. And the truth is, it’s surprising that this hasn’t been the case since launch (we always mean that when something like a suggestion is displayed, for example, there’s nothing offensive).

A function inherited from the best Amazon Echo Show

We say this because it is a smart screen that is 15 inches in size and has interesting options such as its use. widgets which allows you to see a large amount of manipulable information and is offered for sale with the option to use it as a digital frame. Given its attractive design and the ability to hang on the wall, it’s clear that the idea fits the device like a glove.

Show Amazon Echo Smart Display


The operation is already known and very effective. And also possible enable Using the voice assistant that Amazon has. So, for example, “Alexa, launch PhotoFrame” function is displayed directly on the screen, where you can enjoy a series of images displayed one after another for a minimum of time. three hours -but longer would be ideal-. And what can you see? From images you save on the service of the well-known online store to a collection you create, it all depends on what you need and configure.

One feature is important

This is nothing more than being able to see images without disturbing you. Thus, for example, ads from Amazon do not look like suggestions of new Alexa functions. That is, if you have the Echo Show as a decoration – and there will be nothing to interrupt the work of the new photo frame -. And this is very important for everything to work properly.

Meanwhile, this new option for Amazon smart displays won’t reach all regions in the first place. In the case of Spain lucky as it is one of the chosen to be able to enjoy this new function from the very first moment. The rest are: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Australia.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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