To celebrate 35 years of the saga, Square Enix announces: Crystallyne Resonance: Final Fantasy, an exclusive piano concert dedicated to the iconic role-playing game. After the great success of Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra – World Tour, a new traveling show is coming up that will stop around the world and in over 40 cities.

The only Italian date has been set for Nov 27, 2022 until Milanto the Leonardo da Vinci Theaterand tickets are already available to book on Vivaticketat this address, at a cost of €45.76 for sector B and €61.36 for sector A.

For the first time in a piano concerto, iconic pieces such as “Heavensward” from FINAL FANTASY XIV“Somnus” from FINAL FANTASY XV, “To Zanarkand” from FINAL FANTASY X“One-winged angel” by FINAL FANTASY VII and many others. Each song is accompanied by an HD projection of the most memorable moments from the Final Fantasy series.

The Square Enix series is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. In fact, it was December 1987 when the progenitor made its debut in Japan on Famicom (the NES in the West), before arriving in the United States three years later. The exclusive piano concerto dedicated to the saga is just one of the many events being organized to celebrate the anniversary of Final Fantasy. Recently, Square Enix also opened an official site dedicated to the 35 years of the saga, revealing important news for Final Fantasy VII with the announcement of the second part of the remake.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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