iMacs are a benchmark in the market. All togetherbut there are competitors who stand up to them and offer products of excellent quality, and in addition, it has tremendous strength. hp It has announced a new Windows computer that Apple has nothing to envy of what it’s releasing.

One of the most interesting features of the equipment is its IPS type and minimal dimensions display. 34 inches. But the gospel of the ingredient we’re talking about doesn’t end there, because it has an ultimate shine. 500 nits and is capable of representing 98% of the CII-P3 color spectrum. If a resolution is added to this 5KWe are talking about an unmistakable quality that reaches studio quality when used in a professional environment.

Backup power for this HP computer

Everything you’ll find in the HP AiO makes Windows run like a shot in any situation. Without going any further, the processor is one of the Intel Core i5 Core i9-12900 with vPro, one of the best currently on the market – both in terms of brute force and proper management of operations. In addition, it should be noted that the company allows integration so that everything always works to the maximum. RAM up to 128GB. A figure that many current All-in-Ones are out of reach, and therefore completely differentiating.

Side view of HP AiO


One thing that is very remarkable about this computer is that its storage 4TB type SSD, an impressive figure that ensures you always have room to work (even if you’re using high-definition multimedia content). In addition, the graphic that the device uses RTX 3060 6GB standalone, providing a large capacity while handling complex graphics. All together topno doubt.

Nothing is missing in this All-in-One

as well as offering an end aluminum It should be said that this model, which has a base that provides perfect adjustment in both height and inclination, is a model with excellent connectivity at the back of the equipment. Inside you will find two ports usb type c; pass through a USB A pair; and even HDMI 2.1 connection. Add to that that it lacks Bluetooth for the use of wireless accessories, and of course, WiFi 6.

Image of HP AiO connections


One interesting thing about this All-in-One from HP is that it’s a magnetic camera 16 megapixels. This ensures that you can always place video conferences where you need them to be of the highest quality possible (and also, this is positive when it comes to privacy, as it’s possible to disconnect at any time).

the price of this computer

Frankly, you can’t expect it to be a particularly cheap model because everything it contains is powerful and of high quality. its price From 2.115 Euros -model with less powerful processor than integrated and only 4GB graphics-. Its availability is in September of the same year 2022.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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