The presentation of the iPhone 14 is just around the corner. And along with the iPhone, it is likely that we will see new Apple Watch Series 8 models. Few rumors about the news that the new Apple Watch will bring, and apart from the recurring report of “flat edges” that have not been confirmed. , materialize, Little news we know.

However, the strongest rumor is the arrival of the Apple Watch Pro, whether it’s called that or not. The idea is to present a watch that is more extreme-sports oriented, or at least more durable and performant. Unlike the standard model, which will retain features similar to the current ones.

In that sense, these “Apple Watch Pros” would have larger case size 47mmaccording to a post from a Japanese site Mak Otakara. By comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes. An increase in size that has already taken a leap from the previous model’s 44mm.

Flat screen and durable design in Apple Watch Pro

We don’t know the additional features of the Pro watch, but everything indicates that this Apple Watch will be more focused not on increasing the capabilities, if not to suggest improvements in the materials used in its construction. Improved screen or case durability with new straps and, who knows, a bigger battery.

The same report Otakara indicates that it will have a completely flat screen (like pre-Series 7 rumors), at least exclusively. The point is that the rest of the non-pro models, that is, standards, they will retain slightly curved edges around the screen. The flat design could improve the durability of the Apple Watch Pro, at least against bumps.

Also, this is consistent with Mark Gurman’s previous report in bloombergwhich has already indicated that it will be a “steady” model designed for high-impact activities such as hiking and extreme sports.

Other Upcoming Apple Watch Pro Features include titanium case, longer battery life, extended low power mode, more powerful S8 chip. With the rise in price of watches, of course.

Source: Hiper Textual

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