One of the functions that is very useful on mobile devices is the ability to schedule emails to be sent when the time is right, without you having to do anything. You can achieve this with the app included by default. iPhone and we will show you how to use it.

The improvement we’re talking about is what’s known as Mail, and it’s available on Apple phones from the get go. So you don’t have to download anything to get it. The thing is that between many options what it includes is programming the sending of messages in a very intuitive and simple way. The truth is, this app is one of the best ever to manage mail from iPhones.

How to schedule a Mail to send email on iPhone

One thing to keep in mind is that to take advantage of this functionality of Mail, you must be running the latest version of Mail and you must also have the latest iteration of the iOS operating system on your iPhone. Otherwise, you may not have the option to schedule posts. first thing open application and then compose an email as usual (Works with any supported service other than iCloud, like Outlook or Gmail.)

The next thing is to write and add everything that should be in the message and now you can do the programming, what’s different :pLong press the submit button. A menu appears where you can choose from the default options set in Mail or, if that doesn’t happen, the last one (Send later) that makes it possible to specify exactly when everything is sent.

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When choosing the last one we mentioned, you will go through different screens that show. from the date to be selected where you want the scheduled action to run. After installing everything, click the button Clever on your iPhone and the programming process is complete.

Where can you see scheduled emails?

This you may be wondering, and the truth is that everything is very simple. A new one is created binding in the application called send later and there you can see everything you’ve already created. So you can eliminate the ones you no longer need or change the date of a program. An important detail you should know is that the e-mails you create in this way Won’t sync with iCloudso you can only access them from the iPhone you are using.

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