How does the iPhone 14 Pro always-on display work?

The iPhone 14 Pro has the always-on display feature, which is highly anticipated by users. We already have the first relevant data on his work.

by Mauricio Martinez on iPhone

Held for the press at the Steve Jobs Theater and online for other users, the Apple event continues to give people something to talk about. The innovations of the iPhone 14 Pro are interesting and today it’s time to talk about a fully rumored and expected feature, screen is always on.

iPhone with always-on display for the first time

A feature found in mobile phones of other brands but we know Apple always likes to wait to do better than its competitors. Initially this screen Allows you to see relevant information such as time, screen widgets, events. live development and the wallpaper itself.

Apple thanked at the event OLED panel with variable refresh rate (ProMotion Hz) will be able to go down to 1 Hz. What does it mean? The previous generation operates between the maximum limit of 10 Hz and 120 Hz, when reduced to the minimum a low consumption mode is activated to preserve battery life. Having the screen always on will not be a sacrifice.

New iPhone 14 Pro screen

New iPhone 14 Pro screen

This is how the iPhone 14 Pro looks with its new screen

Have you ever turned the brightness to minimum on your iPhone? This function might be the same, but it doesn’t really compare to the question asked. Dark is really smart and will always show this relevant knowledge without much effort.. Shortcuts such as camera or flashlight will not be displayed.

In the presentation of this function, it was not specified whether it will be customizable, that is, what options the always-on display will show. It can revert to normal lock screen settings, so You should be aware at a glance on the always-on display which information is most relevant to you..

Items displayed on the always-on display

Items displayed on the always-on display

Finally, Apple stated A16 Bionic chip to be combined with new Display Engine so that an always-on display excellent energy efficiency control. However, your device’s battery will not be compromised for any reason. Notably, the battery is 29 hours for video playback, 25 hours for video streaming and 95 hours for audio playback.

It will be necessary to see and be aware of early users of these devices to confirm everything Apple said in its live presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater.

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