It’s been over seven years now, but I still remember how many articles have been written about the 18k gold Apple Watch. smart watch then they were nothing more than a toy for geeks, another small screen where notifications can be seen. And, of course, when Apple entered the market with a luxury version, these same geeks had their brains shorted. Now, with the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s happened again.

It really wasn’t that flashy or contrived. Apple was aware of the importance of their watches, beyond offering smart features while being something pretty that everyone wanted to wear. The iPod became so fashionable partly because of the white headphones that came with it, and the MacBook because of the backlit apple. These are the details that identify the product and provide a certain status. For him, this aspect was decisive. In the 21st century, the least important thing is the function of a watch, if not what it says about the person who wears it, which is why it has been clustered within the category since the beginning. Lifestyle.

Apple wanted to have its own Cartier Tankdress look what cream of cream like Muhammad Ali, Warhol or Yves Saint Laurent and that celebrities wore it and it helped sell more affordable designs. No one earns directly from luxury goods, but they help position the brand and increase sales of other models. What Apple missed is that if we look at the history of wristwatches, what really elevated some models was the features, not just their purely decorative value. This comes later as an incentive. The iPod became popular not because of the headphones, but because of its function.

Muhammad Ali in a Cartier tank, 1976

This happened with the Apple Watch itself, and it wasn’t until the health features were implemented that sales skyrocketed and it became indispensable in the lives of millions of people. In a society like the American one, in which more than 70% of the population is overweight, having a device that encourages you to move creates more attraction. Apple also knew how to market it as a life-saving device. Therefore, he served not only his potential customers, but also his relatives and the elderly.

Apple Watch is a health and wellness device, not a Lifestyle as originally intended. Style variations showed up in the color of the case and straps, but the gold versions went unnoticed. After the release of the Ultra model, they were discontinued. Apple lost its Cartier Tank, but now it has its own Rolex Submariner because the real one smart watch The luxury Apple watch is not an Edition watch, a business suit watch, but an Apple Watch Ultra, their smart watch sports.

Warlike origin of watches, relevant today

Traditionally, watches were worn in a pocket, and only at the end of the 19th century did models attached to a strap or chain begin to appear. They were created exclusively for women, as they were perceived as delicate and feminine in combination with jewelry. But taking the watch out of his pocket to check the time was elegant but impractical. And in 1904, the pilot of the aircraft, Alberto Dumont, asked the watchmaker Louis Cartier for a watch that could be visualized on his hands while piloting the aircraft. Thus was born the first wristwatch for men, devoid of femininity. Is there anything more masculine than piloting an airplane?

The A-11 Military Spec was a watch worn by soldiers in Allied forces when killing Germans.

The outbreak of World War I popularized and expanded its use. Time was of the essence in military maneuvers, and it was not easy to check the time against pocket watches while firing. “The telephone and emergency service… made watches mandatory for soldiers. The only practical way to wear them is on the wrist,” said The newspaper “New York Times in 1916. And from that moment on, watchmakers used this idea to sell it to the general public. Delivers even in the trenches!

After World War II, watches were still a purely male tool, and the marketing departments knew how to capture the essence of a field watch to create a sports watch that would be the best ally of these men in their most difficult and amazing tasks. . Its popularity never ceased to grow, and its essence remains renewed to this day thanks to smartwatches.

Upper-class men began to wear watches specifically designed for pilots, climbers or divers. They were the tools of great men doing great things. These models saved the Swiss watch industry, which was dying after the invention of the first watch with quartz glass.

They are born on the battlefield and their essence is preserved. Their function and the construction materials from which they are made are of particular importance. What good is an Italian leather strap and a gold case when you’re gliding down a river or up a mountain? Entrepreneurial men need titanium, ceramic or steel. This is the spirit that is sought and sold.

Apple Watch Ultra for athletes and people who are not bored

Apple has been able to capture that essence perfectly with digital features that only a brand can offer, which is why its new watch is not a Watch Pro, but an Apple Watch Ultra. The professional these days is associated with boring, depressing and sedentary work. office work, not war, racing and adventure. That’s why it’s called Ultra: a watch designed for extreme situations. And so it was announced through videos filmed in the highest mountains or dives in the deepest waters.

The Rolex Submariner gained a lot of popularity as it was associated with great athletes, and the 007 was synonymous with luxury and adventure.

The price of the Apple Watch Ultra is significantly lower than the gold model, so it will sell much more and the average revenue per user will increase. One of the most important indicators for getting more profit. Not only will this be a more profitable and successful product, but it will also help position the brand better against specialized sports watch competitors. This is your very own Rolex Submariner, a James Bond watch, the most popular sports watch in history.

Apple Watch Ultra is smart watch for extreme athletes, but also for ordinary people who dream of a less monotonous life than they are. Serve a watch to at least provide that adventurous touch.

Source: Hiper Textual

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