The arrival of a new model of the media player Chromecast with Google TV It’s closer than ever, and therefore definitive data on what it has to offer is emerging. An example is both the processor that will integrate the device and the connection it will be known for AND, in addition, an additional detail that can be quite surprising and make it very attractive.

So far, available data on the new model has been identical design to the previous (maybe a certain additional color) plus the maximum resolution it will use 1080p instead of 4K This allows the device currently sold in stores. This was clearly done to offer cheaper equipment to compete with Amazon’s Fire TV, which more and more people are buying.

Meanwhile, according to known data, the operating system will be Google TV 12, which means that it is the first model in the Chromecast series to use it (but will be released normally). maximum one week). corresponding update for existing equipment). It is also stated in this section that security updates will be widespread and will use the A/B system so that it will not leave any traces taking up storage space.

Something to improve this new Chromecast

Well, it has to do with the space the device will offer to store data like apps. At the momentCommercially available by Chromecast 8GB, and in many cases – especially due to updates – it has been shown to be inadequate. But it may be a new model. double that amount -and possibly another 4K device will accompany this change-. The fact is that this will give the new player much better flexibility, which can be noticed in the overall operation.

Google Chromecast Player with Google TV


On the other hand, processor The selected one will also be different as the latest Chromecast firmware is detected with Google TV 4K. Amlogic S805X2. Instead of S905X3. It’s a little less powerful, which makes sense because you won’t have to work with lower resolution images. Where the lower performance will not be noticed when running applications. In addition, it is known that RAM will be 1.5GBthat is, we are talking about 25% less than the previous model. All this makes sense, but must be taken into account.

The link will also meet

The name of the device that appears in the firmware with the information Google HD, it should be said that the wireless connection options will be enough for everything to work well (including the transfer of images in 1080p). Thus, you will Wi-Fi Dual Band in its fifth version and Bluetooth 5.2. Therefore, there should be no problem here.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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