important news about Google and the big screen hardware it brings to market. According to what is known, the North American firm was going to cancel its new launch. Pixelbooks. These are the laptops that the company developed with the Chrome OS operating system, and it would be quite a surprise if this is confirmed.

Since 2019, Google has been launching new laptops with its own operating system that offer both stunning design and excellent performance. The next generation Pixelbook Pro was expected for 2021, but this exploded due to the pandemic and this year was targeted as the year to meet the new computer. this will not happen.

And this is quite surprising, as we mentioned earlier, because Rick Osterloh At the company’s developer conference (Google I/O) this year, it was stated that new laptops with the Chrome OS operating system will continue to be released. But it looks like it won’t happen this year or next year—there’s nothing to see after that.

Why Google made this decision

Well, it’s none other than tablets… and that the firm itself stated that it stopped producing them in 2018. But that has changed radically, and this year (or at least early next year) the company is expected to launch a new one. It will also have a powerful and large screen… And that will mean many people can do it. use it like a laptop. And as you can see, and because of the huge push these devices currently have in the market, Google’s verdict is clear: tablets yes and computers no for now.

Google Pixelbook Pro Laptop


The decision does not make sense, because new tablets with a synchronized keyboard – for example, those found in cases 11 inch or larger screenIt has enough power to do any job. And we’re talking from editing multimedia content to running the most demanding applications you can think of. In addition, there is already Android L, a special variant of Google’s system for tablets. Then, this decision does not seem unreasonableat least temporarily.

Even from the source of the information, it is stated that working group Google has become laptops dissolved temporarily and by moving to other departments is looking for a more effective way to distribute costs. All in all, things look totally serious.

Does this affect Chrome OS?

Not possible. The development of this operating system continues as usual, so if you have a laptop using Google’s operating system, you should not worry because Google keeps its bet for him. What happens is that for a moment it will not boot its own hardware. Nothing unknown because that’s exactly how things were before 2019. So zero worries about Chromebooks.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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