Almost surprisingly, it was found AmazonThe great dominator of the e-book market has launched the next generation of its most economical model: Ignite. This equipment contains innovations that make a few criticisms of this device a thing of the past. Therefore, it manages to maintain its position as the best in the market.

The eReader has a six-inch electronic ink display. 300dpi resolutioni.e. tripling the previous generation (as a result, increasing in definition what you see on screen). Also, the integrated panel is anti-glare, so you can read it in any situation – the front light is not lost, thankfully very useful in the dark.

The screen of the new Amazon Kindle 2022


Another innovation offered by the new Amazon Kindle is, lighter more than before, so you can wear it more comfortably for longer. In addition, this also helps not to show fatigue at any time while holding it while reading. This is especially important considering: autonomy Presented by this generation of the electronic book of the well-known online store six weeks of use (depending on how long the screen has been on). Thus, an important step has been taken here as well.

This new Kindle comes with a long-awaited change

And that’s about the port used to charge the battery. This is now USB type C and is a success as it allows it to be adapted to the present day and so the cable you use for the phone will also be used for the electronic book. This was one of the biggest criticisms – and rightly so – to the Kindle. As a result, Amazon has reacted to deliver exactly what users are demanding. Obviously, WiFi access is preserved to be able to use services like Unlimited.

There’s also good news about the storage that comes with the new Amazon model. 16 GB. This means it replicates what’s offered on the most basic Kindle and matches other models like the Paperwhite. The thing is, you can hide thousands of books In case you always need something new to read even if you don’t have internet access. That’s why we’re talking about a breakthrough that could be vital to many.

New Amazon Kindle 2022 in blue


A very attractive price

With the Climate Commitment Friendly certification, the price of the new Amazon Kindle – for example – as the material is 90% recycled magnesium 109.99 € black and denim blue, the latter a novelty. Regarding availability, it is already possible to reserve the electronic book in the online store, which will be sent later. October 12 °. As always, several official covers will also be available, in this case blue, pink and green.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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