this iPhone 14 Pro these are already a reality available for purchase, and some already have their devices in hand. Some of these users have reported that they have detected a very curious and also annoying problem in the terminals. It has to do with the transfer of files and the truth is that this is surprising to happen.

This is not the first bug detected in newly released Apple terminals, as, for example, several people who bought it stated that they had problems with the activation process, which makes them waste enough time and in some cases wanting to replace the terminal. But now the detected fault is, data copy: When this is done, some models freeze in a particular case, but this is the most common.

When malfunction occurs on iPhone 14 Pro

It is known that the problem occurs when copying data. iCloud, and an example is the restoration of information in the cloud with new terminals. So, according to the example mentioned, the terminal freezes when this process is finished… and cannot be used normally. Sometimes this disappears after two or three minutes, but in other cases there’s no way the device will come back to life (but it won’t break, that should be very clear).

Colors of the new iPhone 14


According to the source of the information, Apple noticed this happening on some of its new terminals and for now, the company’s advice is as follows: perform a forced reboot If the iPhone 14 Pro is unresponsive after more than five minutes This does not affect the correct operation of the device after the action is taken and the vast majority of those affected say it has fixed the problem… don’t be annoying and this sometimes causes some data to not be copied correctly.

Also the Cupertino company, work on the fix should be done, and therefore it should be hoped that what happens in a short time will be a thing of the past.

Not the first bug detected

Different problems found on the iPhone 14 Pro for now are due to errors when activating it on a computer. wireless Internet open to use camera your smartphone with third-party apps is not good and it turns out vibrations That doesn’t make Romans of good quality. The good thing is that it shows that everything is software, so everything is expected to be resolved quickly by Apple.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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