The fate of video game cinematographic transpositions has been somewhat brighter of late, thanks mainly to the contribution of the two films of sonicthat have received an absolutely positive response from the public: here is that the director of the two adventures of the blue hedgehog says that he is available and willing for a possible (unlikely) film dedicated to or based on Super Smash Bros.the fighting video game in style encounters battle royale by Nintendo.

Nothing would make me happier than taking all those characters and throwing them into a great battle royale to make a great Smash Bros. movie. It would probably take some work on the part of the lawyers before that could happen!

Smash Bros. is a fairly well-known spin-off of Super Mario (and Nintendo video games in the broad sense), in which the characters, drawn from various Nintendo games, go head-to-head in rather bizarre battles in similar two-dimensional arenas. In addition to Mario, Link, Samus Aran, and many other characters from the big N, the game features dozens of guest characters from other series from other publishers, all licensed, including the inevitable Sonic. This is what Fowler refers to when he talks about lawyers: getting everyone to agree wouldn’t be easy at all (see also what happened for Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg).

Also, if it ever happened, it probably wouldn’t be a Paramount movie, which only has certain movie rights to Sonic, but certainly not to the Nintendo characters, nor to those Konami, Capcom, or Square Enix that appear in the video game. In addition, Nintendo is very reluctant to admit its characters to the cinema, as we know, and has been at the forefront for decades until in recent years it signed an agreement with Illumination to make a movie about Super Mario soon.

Source: Lega Nerd

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