The smallest of homes love everything about LED strips as it allows them to create ideal environments for watching movies or even playing games. Company Xiaomiaware of this, he announced a product that responds to these demands in a way that only he knows: to offer good quality at a very competitive price.

The accessory we are talking about is called Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro and it is a longitudinal strip. two meters, which in principle is more than enough to fit in any place. But it also includes the possibility to increase the length of the system by up to five meters via an integrated connector, so it is also an ideal solution for large areas.

And since we’re talking usage, what makes this product different and striking at the same time is, place it almost anywhere. The main reason for doing this is flexible. So you can fold the strip to be behind the TV (in true Philips Ambilight style) or on a wall, avoiding any obstacles. As a result, there will be nothing that this Xiaomi accessory, which has a quality surface due to its durability and attractiveness, cannot solve.

Configuration from mobile phone with Xiaomi app

It’s the details that are interesting. In addition to offering a physical item with three direct control buttons with the app Xiaomi Mi Home You can perform all the operations you want, such as changing the intensity or color of the light, without putting any cables in between. This is achieved because it contains wireless Internetsomething that also provides access to receive product updates to offer more functionality in the future.

Using Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro LED Strip


With an RGB color system on each of the 60 LEDs per meter of the Xiaomi Smart Lightstrip Pro, there are three sensitivity options in the app so you can always set what works best for you. It even includes compatibility with some systems play a game The most used today, such as Razer ChromaTM RGB and ASUS Aura Sync. In this way, it is a product that fits most gamers in the house.

The price of this LED strip

Has approx. 43 euros, that is, we are talking about a device that everyone can access. As always, the first country where this Xiaomi product is available for sale is China, but since it is already available on the company’s global website, it is certain that it will be launched in other regions as well, where Spain will certainly not be missing. .

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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