Hidden setting of iPhone 14 Pro to always have black background on screen

There is a trick to always have an active display on the iPhone 14 Pro with a black background.

by Ángel Roca for iPhone

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max come with many interesting new features, including the always-on display. It’s a time-consuming function on competing smartphones, but that’s it. iPhone “Apple style” has arrived. The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display isn’t limited to showing the clock on a black background.

Instead, the entire screen dims to minimum brightness to display the wallpaper in addition to the date, time and widgets. It’s a fairly new app that no other brand has discovered, but it may have an issue: excessive battery consumption.

But nothing happens, a secret harmony inside the iPhone 14 Pro that allows Only the date, time and widgets are visible on the Always On display with a completely black background. A setting that can save you a lot of battery power throughout the day.

iPhone 14 always on display

iPhone 14 Pro always-on display can be placed on a black background

How does iPhone 14 Pro always-on display show black background?

One of the advantages of OLED panels is: blacks are pure because pixels are off. If the pixels are turned off, they do not consume battery. This is what Always-On displays have been based on for years, a small consumption as most of the display is still off.

Apple has chosen a different type of always-on display, but with this setting you will only be able to put a black background on the iPhone’s always-on display. Well, you will have your own wallpaper, but the background will be black when Always-On is enabled to consume less battery. The steps to follow are:

  1. enter the app Settings.
  2. Now tap on Concentration modes.
  3. choose one concentration mode or create one.
  4. Now tap on Options.
  5. tap on dim the locked screen.
iPhone Settings

Follow these steps to always have a screen with a black background

with this setting screen does not go completely black, we can say that the effect is achieved at the rate of 99%. If you look closely, you can shyly appreciate the wallpaper, but of course it’s much darker than Apple’s regular mod.

Let’s say you can get more traditional Always On display. Yes, you will always have to activate a certain concentration mode, but if you configure it to your liking, it’s fine.

You can take enabled a focus mode that doesn’t always do more than thatdim the screen so that the iPhone 14 Pro is Always On black background instead of wallpaper. This concentration mode doesn’t need to affect your notifications or apps.

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Source: i Padizate

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