Apple’s next MacBook Air could hold more than one surprise. If the ultralight Californian car has undergone major improvements and changes in its latest versions – first with the M1 chip, and this year with a completely redesigned and M2 chip – it doesn’t look like it will be any smaller. in its next iteration.

At least that’s what a well-known journalist from Bloomberg Mark Gurman. In a post this Sunday, he points out that Apple is developing a 15-inch MacBook Airin addition to other devices coming next year.

15-inch MacBook Air: Biggest to date

The new machine will be the largest screen enlargement the Air line has ever seen. It’s also coming after the classic 13.3″ has been bumped up to 13.6″ this year with the introduction of the MacBook Air M2 and its excavation upstairs.

Increasing to 15 inches would make the device the most attractive for those who want to unleash the full potential of the MacBook Air, which has become a powerful portable work tool thanks to the introduction of new chips from Apple. In addition, it was one of the most common sizes in the MacBook Pro line until it was replaced in 2019 by the 16-inch.

Macbook Air M2.

For the time being, those who want the largest screen sizes have to opt for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, whose size and weight place it far away from this large portable capacity. At the same time, it is obvious that this will be the bulkiest and heaviest MacBook Air to date, which will also reduce its viewing potential.

However, this will not be the only model. Along with that, Apple is expected to continue with the current 13.6-inch MacBook Air. So there will be two refreshed machines in the range catalog, something that hasn’t been seen since the company discontinued the 11-inch MacBook Air in 2016.

Mac Pro and HomePod, also in 2023

The MacBook Air won’t be the only updated terminal in 2023. In addition to the already expected iPhone and iPad, Gurman assures that the expected Mac Pro with proprietary chip.

Rumors of a Mac Pro appearing without an Intel chip inside have been circulating for some time. Specifically since the presentation of the most powerful chips of the Apple M line. However, the task of their typical machine for professionals caused delays in the original plan.

poppy pro
Mac Pro.

Everything now points to 2023 being the year it sees the light of day. I would also do it with a new one iMac with M3 chip.

In addition, the journalist points to the launch of a new HomePod sometime next year, as well as 14″ iPad Pro.

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