Apple Pencil, Cupertino’s stylus pen that allows free handwriting on various screens and even drawing thanks to its high sensitivity, has been on the market since 2015. iPad. If you don’t know how to exactly sync this accessory with the tablet, we’ll show you the steps you need to take to achieve it.

Obviously, the Apple tablet you’re using must offer the corresponding compatibility, and it’s found, for example, on all iPad Pros on the market (and of course a few other models from the company). The synchronization process has many great virtues. simple to complete and it doesn’t take long to complete. obviously not nothing dangerousfor example, because there is no performance degradation on the device.

How can I sync Apple Pencil with iPads?

available two generations and each has its own specific process for completing the sync (they are very similar, but there are small details that differentiate them). That’s why we decided to show you both possibilities so that you always find the solution you need.

First generation synchronization:

  • Remove the cap on the top of the pen, doing this you should see the Lightning port on the accessory.
  • Connect the Apple Pencil to the corresponding port of the iPad, ideally use the original cable so that the process does not give you any errors.
  • A message appears on the screen with a button named Pair, use and wait for the process to complete (takes only a few seconds).
  • It’s over, you’re done.
Use Apple Pencil to draw on iPad


Second generation timing:

  • Place the flat side of the Apple Pencil on the iPad you’re using (this is the one with the volume control buttons so you’ll know exactly which one we’re talking about).
  • Once this is done, you will see that an action has been performed on the tablet and when it automatically ends, an item appears on the iPad screen showing the pen’s charge percentage.
  • You are done and you can now write on the screen in free handwriting.

If for some reason you cannot complete these procedures, Bluetooth From the iPad you have connected, otherwise the sync will not complete. If so, you need to enable this link. By the way, once you sync Apple Pencil, you don’t have to do the process again as the connection works automatically.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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