Gradually, details are emerging about what to expect from the new smartphone series. Samsung Galaxy S23. So for example, there will be a big design change in what to do with the rear camera module. Now, data has been released that clarifies that there will be progress on what the payload should be. drum one of the terminals.

Most models will include components that offer increased capacity, which means longer autonomy, as the rest of the equipment is expected to be less demanding in the energy department – although it will increase the power it offers in operation. The incompatible element here will be the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which will remain the same as the previous generation, that is, it will have a 5,000 mAh battery … Not bad at all, it can be said.

Battery improvements for the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S23

One of the models pointed out in the source of information, which will show a significant improvement over its predecessors, is the following: Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus. This will be a model that will try to fix the disappointment of the previous generation and will go for a meager 4500mAh price. two hundred moreThis could mean that the autonomy would be much better – with over 10% of usage time in any case -. This is very positive for a terminal that will have a large screen.

Back view of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


model basis There will also be an improvement on Samsung’s next-gen high-end smartphones, but less impressive since we’re talking about an increase. 100mAh more. It’s not as striking as mentioned, but considering that the integrated panel will be smaller, the numbers are practically the same in terms of autonomy improvement.

In short, one of the improvements that will come in the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be, almost all, better autonomy, which is always appreciated because this can be fatal if it does not respond. In order for the sales to be sufficient.

Another known detail about these mobile phones

Well, it has to do with the processor they will integrate. Some sources have indicated that in this generation, the Korean company will invest everything in the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, but the latest data shows that, duality With models that will integrate a self-made Exynos SoC. It remains to be seen which of the regions received the latter, but what seems clear is that they will eventually become a minority.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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