More and more people decide to buy electric bikes. And in many cases it is not so clear what features need to be reviewed to ensure that the model needed is achieved. Here are five that matter and set them apart from the traditional options.

First of all, you should be very clear about what kind of electric bike you want to buy, considering the use you will give it. It’s not the same if your trips focus almost exclusively on paved roads as if they were overland (in these cases the options are motorway and those mountain, respectively). By the way, there are models considered hybridsDo not throw them away as their usefulness is maximum, which allows for urban and off-road use.

Handlebar of electric mountain bike


Five features to buy the electric bike you need

We always leave you what you need to know, with features that will give you a performance and not be surprised when choosing a model suitable for the use you will give. successful purchase. Next:


There are three that currently exist that determine whether the model you buy has an accelerator, as well as the maximum speed that the electric bike can offer. from here first things to value to do it completely right. These are the available options:

  • Class 1: It can reach a speed of 32 kilometers per hour and its force is applied to the pedal.
  • Class 2: In this case the speed is the same, but we are talking about models that have an accelerator to manage the power assist.
  • Class 3: Electric bikes of this type do not have an accelerator pedal, but their speed reaches 45 kilometers per hour.

Battery time

Usually the manufacturer states the average lifespan offered by the bike, but this data is dependent on a number of factors, which sometimes mean that the stated figure is not met much (terrain, applied force, etc.). Ideally, you should inform yourself about the wattage of the chosen model and that way you know what can be done in an hour. As a rule, when there is less power, the autonomy is greater.

black electric bike



Since we’re talking, this is another feature you need to know about the electric bike you want to buy. There are various models from 250 to more than seven hundred. If you don’t mind going through places with a lot of roughness, the lowest ones here will be more than enough, giving you a longer usage time. Important: If acceleration is vital to you: It’s best to choose a power as high as possible.


More than just the needs when replacing components, all of which are more or less the same, there is something fundamental in this section: easy access to technical service. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in trouble here and have to order forever pieces from far away countries. Therefore, rest assured that this will not happen to you.


There are currently two types of engines, mid drive or hub. The first is located in the middle part of the electric bike, and the second is located in the wheel area. The latter is less efficient (but cheaper), but more than enough for driving around town or on flat roads at all times. If that’s not the case, you know what to do.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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