Strange (and funny) bug of iPhone 14 Pro and Dynamic Island

iOS 16 and iPhone 14 Pro have some issues

by Mauricio Martinez on iPhone

Dynamic Island, as it is normally said in Spanish, dynamic island, complicit in a series of mistakes in daily experience iOS 16 and iPhone 14 Pro Beyond being a solution or an improvement, it becomes a funny event for some and a painful event for others. By Michael Billig, iDB does a video review of the mistakes he made on his iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple is working on a fix for Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro

These are bugs that can occur “normally” considering these are the first releases after iOS 16. The problem is a situation that recurs throughout the day and can turn into complete boredom. From the screen to notifications or actions that the iPhone can always performThere is a lot to talk about in a negative way about iOS 16.0.2.

Functions of Dynamic Island

Apple has been working on Dynamic Island for years

There is a very funny bug that causes Dynamic Island to become dislodged. It moves for a few seconds to a space on the side of the screen.. In this video a user You can check by replying to Marques Brownlee. From IDB’s point of view, this is a double mistake, even if it didn’t happen to them. You can have a dynamic double island whenever you want. simply by unlocking the iPhone 14 Pro.

What other errors were found?

Experience suffers in both simple details and everyday functions. True Tone and Night Shift are disabled for a few seconds While the iPhone is in progress (the action of unlocking the iPhone). For users are completely dependent of these two features They can instantly notice because the temperature and color of the screen is remarkable when these attributes are not enabled.

Smaller but no less important details, the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen (flashlight and camera) disappear when the screen is always on. They make an appearance by touching the screen, a few seconds but important observations of a product that promises to work properly.

Strange (and funny) bug of iPhone 14 Pro and Dynamic Island

Always-on screen turns off in certain situations on iPhone 14 Pro

We know that Apple is already working on the next version, which will be iOS 16.0.3, and that these details and other bugs that affect the performance of the devices may appear as soon as they help fix them. Looks like the iPhone 14 came out intact Since there is no Dynamic Island, only minor performance bugs are logged that don’t affect beyond what the big brother did. As a new version is released, we recommend 5 tweaks you can make to improve your experience.

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