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Tesla continues to remove sensors from its cars and shows blind confidence in its cameras


The cars of the future look like they’ll be full of cameras rather than a huge array of sensors, or at least that’s what Tesla’s moves have been suggesting in recent weeks. A maker of smart electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X will do without sensors in their new vehicles.

When you make this decision, all alarms are disabled, which is why sensors are necessary when using a car that is supposed to be intelligent. But the reason Tesla gave for this move is because The cameras that will be integrated into these new vehicles will be more than enough to monitor the vehicle..

The specific sensors it will eliminate are the ultrasonic sensors that have been present in its electric vehicles so far. To eliminate these sensors and not affect driving, Elon Musk’s company proposed using both cameras and neural networks, which have been developed for so long.

These cameras, along with computational neural networks, are the main parts of the Tesla Vision system. Of course, not everything is so good, because by losing ultrasonic sensors in new vehicles, some benefits will also be lost. and features that have been available so far, such as parking assistant.

Tesla blindly trusts its cameras and says goodbye to sensors in its new cars

The parking assistant is not the only function that will be lost if these sensors are abandoned, nor is the function that allowed, for example, to call Tesla Model S or more Tesla Model X with a mobile phone and for the vehicle to drive itself to the user’s location.

From what Tesla commented, these features will be lost for a moment as they are expected to be available again some time later. Promises are good, but knowing how a company works Elon Musk it is even possible that you will later have to pay to restore these characteristics.

We’ll have to wait to see how this situation develops with Tesla vehicles, but it’s clear that the fact that they stop integrating these sensors in favor of cameras is tricky as to achieve the same performance of cars with sensors, you will need to wait a long time.

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