If you are one of those who have Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Enjoy one of the most complete wearables available in terms of quality/price ratio. The large number of functions that it includes and control of physical activity has made this accessory one of the most popular today. If you want to give it a personal touch, we will tell you how to achieve it on your screen.

The most used option to give a new look to the smart bracelet we mentioned in general; strap (there are many options in online stores), but sometimes you want to go a step further. To achieve this, there is the possibility of using Applications this changes the image present on the screen beyond what the official Xiaomi app offers. We’ll show you some that are worth considering.

Excellent apps for Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 to be different

All developments have common features that are important. On the one hand, it can be downloaded for free from the store. game store, whole life insurance. Also, their compatibility with the Xiaomi bracelet is excellent, so you should not be afraid to use them. In addition, you will find options ranging from a simple use of development to options that sync with the bracelet that do not take up much space on the smartphone. Finally, what you will not find any problem in the use of these applications.

Any of the three options we have left for you is recommended, as they allow you to change the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi Smartband 6 in an instant. simple and reliable. These are as follows:

WatchFaces Store for Mi Band 6

This is an enhancement that includes a large collection of displays for the accessory and the database is constantly updated so you always have something new to choose from. All existing watch faces are compatible and have options to display a large amount of information. The search option that allows you to limit what you see for uploading is very positive.

WatchFaces Store App for Mi Band 6

game store

Download WatchFaces Store for Mi Band 6

Mi Band 6 Watch Faces

This is the one with the largest number of images out of the three selected options, even allowing the ability to mark favorites so you don’t have to search frantically every time. You won’t have any problems with the language and it allows downloading in the background so nothing bothers you while using the Xiaomi bracelet.

Mi Band 6 Watch Faces App

game store

Download Mi Band 6 Watch Faces


It’s a classic about making the most of the Asian company’s accessories, and it couldn’t be missed. It includes many options that increase the usefulness of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, including additional data management and, of course, numerous customizable watch faces. It’s great when it comes to setting up notifications, if you install it it will probably stay with you forever.

Zepp Life App

game store

Download Zepp Life

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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