The ad-supported version of Netflix is ​​already a reality. Rumors that after a randomly found line of code and the subsequent announcement of the streaming platform received a response are confirmed. Just six months after the company announced what really there will be a cheaper version of some payment plans. With one caveat, advertising will be included in exchange for a lower price.

In addition to advertising, the new plan will contain news that will not only concern platform outages. Rumors also began to circulate about the type of content that could be seen on the new Netflix with ads. Their quality or even downloads inside the platform.

A cheap ad-supported Netflix plan was unveiled at an international media meeting today. final decision most doubts about the program. Here are all the details on what the streaming company’s new plan will be to get more users at a lower price.

Most importantly, how much does a cheap Netflix plan with ads cost?

Called Basic with Ads, the cheap Netflix Ads plan will cost €5.49 per month in Spain. In the case of Mexico, it will cost 99 pesos per month – in fact, the same as Disney + and Star + in this region.

On the streaming platform, they also indicate that this will become one of the plans that are already available on the platform. Along with the basic, standard and premium plan, all of which are ad-free. This will be the fourth fight.

subscription plan Basic with adsSignificantStandardpremium
Monthly cost5.99 euros (Spain) / 99 pesos (Mexico) €7.99 (Spain)/139 Pesos (Mexico)€12.99 (Spain)/219 Pesos (Mexico)€17.99 (Spain)/299 Pesos (Mexico)
Permission720p (HD)720p (HD)1080p (HD)4K+HDR
Devices: TV, PC, smartphone and tablet
Immediate Cancellation

So a cheap Netflix plan with ads will be only two euros cheaper than a basic plan with ads. For some, in fact, it is still relatively expensive compared to the prices of other platforms and services which at the same price do not include advertising.

Where will it be available?

Netflix usually makes changes, especially those related to pay and cost, first in its markets with the highest purchasing power. The United States, Great Britain and Australia are a prelude to expanding the service to other regions on their continents.

The cheap model of Netflix with ads in this case will be released globally in 12 countries at the same time.

Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, SpainUSA, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the UK will be able to access the next plan this November.

When will it be available?

While the rumors suggested it would be in 2023 when Netflix would launch its cheap ad-supported plan, the reality is that the situation at the company has only made matters worse. Netflix is ​​losing users due to multiple results presentations. Platform costs skyrocketed in search content that doesn’t swerve the audience with more and more streaming payment options. Netflix was the first to cause wear and tear streaming wars that during the pandemic they lived their best moment.

However, the economic crisis and inflation also had a direct impact on holiday spending. Netflix, one of the most expensive in the market with highly criticized content, had something to lose. Added to this is the recent announcement by Disney+, which also offered a reduced pay model with ads.

In fact, according to Greg Peters, chief operating officer of Netflix, this new model aims to win over a younger audience. Those with less purchasing power, but those that represent the company’s future user base.

In general, a cheap Netflix plan with ads will be available. in Mexico next November 1. In other countries, it will be included on November 9th. In Spain, it will be activated at 17:00 on November 10th.

The new Netflix model also affects playback quality and content.

It was also one of the rumors waiting to be confirmed, and so it was.

The model will be available on all platforms, but not for all the content that makes up the Netflix catalog. They don’t confirm the number of titles that will be affected, and therefore won’t be seen on the cheap, ad-free model of Netflix. According to the company, they are working on their availability due to a license issue. Depending on the region, the number of affected games will be between 5 and 10% of the total supply.

In terms of quality, it will be the same playback model as the base model without ads. It will be 720p/HD quality.

This format loses one of the users’ favorite options

This was leaked to a line of code from the iOS version of Netflix and it has been confirmed.

Netflix’s cheap, ad-free plan will prevent its subscribers from downloading the platform’s content. The one that was very useful when traveling or when you don’t have a good connection.

Cause? Very simple. When content is downloaded, Netflix loses the ability to display personalized ads based on the user or time the content is viewed. He also had no control over whether or not it was actually reproduced.

This point, in fact, is one of the most problematic in the new Netflix payment model.

What will the Netflix ad look like?

With DoubleVerify and Ad Science verification, Netflix wants to enter the world of advertising with near-perfect targeting of its customers and users.

The advertisement will have a maximum duration of 20 seconds. And they can be seen before, during and after playback. That being said, a cheap, ad-free Netflix program ventures into something very delicate: stop playback for a few seconds.

Ads will also be customized based on content. Also in relation to the user data in question: age, gender, region from which it is viewed. This is data that advertisers will be able to find out, as well as the volume of views for each of their content. Leading by example Emily in Paris, the logical ad would be cosmetics. In parallel, advertisers will be able to block content they don’t want their ads to show.

Netflix says they already have hundreds of advertisers interested in being part of the new payment model. some that Certain content is already banned. Political, discriminatory advertising of any kind, weapons, smoking products of any kind and of course illegal goods will not have access to advertising on the platform. This will depend, of course, on the regulations of each region.

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