Apple’s upcoming virtual and augmented reality glasses, commonly known as Apple Glass, will come with a curious alternative to Face ID, the iPhone and iPad’s facial recognition system. As it turned out Informationfirm from Cupertino will bet on a feature called “Iris ID”which consists of a retinal scanner in order to identify the user and thus be able to make payments or even change users.

Thus, Apple Glass will have a built-in biometric scanner of the iris, which will be able to determine, through pre-registration, which of the users wears them. Reportedly, virtual reality and augmented reality glasses conduct a search while the person puts on his glasses. So that, log into your linked account automatically. It is also expected to be used for payment identification, as is the case with Face ID and Touch ID.

Apple will also use the same sensors and cameras for the iris scanner as will be responsible for the formation of foveated images. This will allow Apple Glass to offer better performance optimizations. And it lies in the fact that areas that the user does not see will be processed in a lower quality.

Information He also states that the appearance of Apple’s virtual reality glasses will be very different from the Quest Pro that Meta is preparing. They will also bet on a more premium design with mesh fabric, aluminum and glass details.

Apple Glass may arrive in 2023

Apple Glass expected officially announced in 2023. Apple, however, could only show them in previews and launch later to avoid leaks revealing all the most important details, although we already know many of them.

We know, for example, that Apple Glass will come with 4K screens. Also with different sensors that will allow you to detect objects in the environment and, in addition, to record hand movements. On the other hand, it is expected that include a chip with a power equivalent to Apple Silicon. SoC, which, as we remember, the company includes in their Macs, as well as another additional processor responsible for the operation of various sensors.

In terms of price, Apple Glass can cost from 2000 to 3000 dollars. In other words, it costs a bit more than the Meta Quest Pro, which will hit the market for $1,500.

Source: Hiper Textual

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