Over the past year, the Cupertinians removed many Russian applications from our App Store, and some foreign developers left on their own. To use these programs or games, you can create an overseas Apple ID account.

It is more and more difficult to do this without confirming a phone number and without a foreign bank card every year. Here is the most up-to-date working method.

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You can stay signed in to your iCloud account and only use the new entry in the App Store.

How to create an Apple ID for the US region without a phone number

one. Go to the account management site. You can do this through Safari directly on the iPhone.

2. Select from the side menu Create an Apple ID.

3. Include all information collected. Pay special attention to the choice of the country. Currently, without verifying your phone number, you can create an Apple ID for the following regions:

U.S. Minor Outlying Islands;
Norfolk Island;
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

4. Please enter a valid email address. The main thing is that he has not previously used to create an Apple ID and is not indicated as a backup mail.

five. Choose three security questions and answers to them. Be sure to save answers to questions, without confirmation by phone number

6. Enter the confirmation code that will be sent to your email.

7. When the new account has been successfully created, launch the App Store and click on the current account’s avatar.

eight. Scroll to the bottom of the list of updates and click the button Log off.

nine. Log in to the new account.

10. Start the initial modification process. Here from the region State coordinates and accept the terms of the agreement.

eleven. In the next step, select any Existing address in the United States (the Internet will help you) and a home phone number (no need to confirm).

We recommend choosing one of the tax-free states: Delaware, California or Florida. If a balance or available payment method is implemented in the future, no additional taxes will be implemented.

Important! In field Payment method be sure to measureNo“.

12. Any free application appears in the App Store and is downloaded upon request.

13. Click Installand in the window that opens, select Other features.

Be sure to press the button Do not improve, in case you are asked to provide a valid US phone number. So this account will not have two-factor authentication.

The app will begin downloading and after that you will receive your account for downloading software and games from the US store.

Now you can switch between accounts in the App Store at any time and download the necessary programs from the appropriate region.

Source: Iphones RU

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