ipad The Basic gets a well-deserved update with the launch of a 10.9-inch version with a redesigned design to match its older siblings, a USB-C port and a range of features. Another nice novelty was the introduction of a new keyboard with trackpad, christened Magic Keyboard Tome. But the striking fact, and even the disappointing one, is that remains compatible only with the first generation Apple Pencil.

Let’s go in parts. The new Magic Keyboard Folio is the perfect complement to the new tenth generation iPad. This is because it finally gives the entry-level tablet access to some of the features most requested by users of previous versions. Most importantly, no doubt multi-touch gesture support which are critical for viewing.

In the future, base iPad users will be able to use the touchpad to easily move the cursor or perform other actions. scroll, click, and swipe. Also, includes 14 function keys which provide quick access to day-to-day options such as adjusting screen brightness or volume. But that’s not all, because since it connects with magnetic contacts, it doesn’t require pairing or recharging. And the best part is that it can be folded behind a tablet to use as a case.

Definitely a huge improvement over the Smart Keyboard supported by previous iPad generations. However, it also comes at a not too cheap price. The Magic Keyboard Folio will be available in the US in exchange for $249and in Spain it will cost €299. It will only be available in white.

The base iPad is still only compatible with the original Apple Pencil.

If you’ve been excited that the base iPad will finally make the leap in Apple Pencil 2 compatibility, we’ve got some bad news. Updated model it continues to work only with the first generation pen developed by the Cupertino specialists.which brings with it some disadvantages.

The most infamous is that since it doesn’t have wireless magnetic charging support, the Apple Pencil has to be charged in a different way. But since the new iPad no longer has a Lightning port, but USB-C, it is impossible to recharge it directly from it. For this reason, Apple has released a new accessory called USB-C adapter for Apple Pencil, which also serves to bind it to the tablet. But of course you will have to buy it separately.

If you already own a first-generation Apple Pencil and are buying a new entry-level iPad, you can get an adapter for as little as 9 dollars in the USA or 10 euro in Spain. But those from Cupertino also announced that from now on the original version of their stylus will include an accessory inside the box and will be available in exchange for $99 or €119.

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