Apple, perhaps by accident, confirmed the appearance Da Vinci’s Determination to your tablet. Specifically to the option for professionals. And the fact is that the website of the new iPad Pro with M2 processor shows a screenshot of the aforementioned video editor, one of the most popular in the sector. As of now, Blackmagic Design, responsible for the app, has not commented on this matter; although an official announcement should be imminent.

“Make films without drama. The M2 chip’s high-performance media engine speeds up ProRes encoding and decoding. Forget about waiting and get ready to convert your video projects to ProRes up to 3 times faster than before. And with the image signal processor from the M2 chip and the advanced cameras in the iPad Pro, you can now also record video in ProRes format, ”Apple notes along with a screenshot of DaVinci Resolve.

It should be noted that DaVinci Resolve will apparently only be available on the iPad Pro with M1 and M2 processors.. Cause? Only these processors are able to offer the performance required by a video editor of this level. However, we don’t yet know in detail all the features that DaVinci Resolve will offer in its iPad version. Don’t be surprised if this is just a cut down version of the desktop app.

Undoubtedly, the release of DaVinci Resolve on the iPad Pro proves that the tablet premium Apple is increasingly able to gain a foothold in the professional sector. Oh sure it still cannot completely replace the computer – especially due to limitations at the software level – this can be an ideal addition when portability is a priority.

Additionally, the presence of DaVinci Resolve on the iPad Pro may encourage other video editing tools to follow suit. The more competition there is, the more effort there will be to improve these applications.

Recall that the iPad Pro with the M2 chip, which will be 15% faster than its predecessor, will be available from next October 26. In Spain, it starts at €369 for the 11-inch version, while the larger variant (12.9-inch) can be yours for €429. In Mexico, they start at $20,999 and $28,000, depending on size.

Source: Hiper Textual

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