The tenth generation iPad is already a reality. But besides a brand new design, Apple’s simplest tablet is also making headlines because now much more expensive in Europe. start off €579while the previous generation could be bought from €379. While it would be easiest to think that the people of Cupertino made this increase for no apparent reason and for the sole purpose of boosting their income, there are several key factors that caused the price increase.

First of all, you must understand that The tenth generation iPad comes out with a new design. For years, we’ve been expecting the simplest iPad to use Apple’s latest industrial design language, which is already present not only in the rest of the tablet line, but in virtually all Apple devices.

But the move also comes with a “sacrifice” that is rarely talked about: producing a new design often costs more. Why? It is necessary to adapt the production line and possibly resort to new components. It is well known that we are going through a time when the parts that make up a mobile device have risen in price in a symbolic way.

Without going into too much detail, just a few weeks ago we told you that the iPhone 14 Pro costs Apple almost 20% more to produce. This is due to the rising cost of individual components, including the processor. The A16 Bionic costs 2.4 times more to produce than its predecessor, the A15 Bionic. Although the tenth generation iPad uses an older chip (A14) – and therefore less powerful – it is no stranger to the shortages and rising prices that face the production chain.

The iPad was also affected by the economic situation.

The second factor, of course, is related to economic prospects. The value of the euro has fallen markedly when compared with the dollar.. Fears of a possible recession, coupled with tensions caused by a war that is unlikely to end soon, are hurting the European currency.

Today, there is parity between the euro and the dollar, and this is reflected to a greater or lesser extent in the prices of the technology industry. Apple, being a US company with tax obligations in that country, is required to convert its income into dollars. The problem is that the conversion, given the collapse of the euro, will affect their income unless an adjustment is made to compensate for this fall.

Unfortunately, we rarely see a company cover losses to keep the price to consumers unchanged. Perhaps for the same reason Apple decided to keep the ninth generation iPad for sale. Its price starts at 429 euros (also more expensive) and is still a good option for those who need a tablet for basic tasks.

Source: Hiper Textual

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