Apple machines just don’t make sense, and it turns out, iPhone 15 An important surprise is prepared from the bitten apple that may not appeal to all lovers of the company’s products. This is about the end of a screen size that needs to be preserved for some.

In addition to being the first model in the company’s iPhone lineup to use USB type C connectivity (everything has to be said due to EU requirements), the company is rumored to be getting stronger each time. Cupertino plans to launch a model called Ultra the same year it becomes available. And this will bring lost your basic accepted option is: 6.1 inch screenyes Quite a surprise, but not unreasonable.

Market heading in the same direction as iPhone 15

Obviously we are not talking about anything official, but if Apple decides to take this decision, it is not without reasons. Sales of models with smaller screens have nothing to do with those that include a larger panel (and all must be said, not for the better). In addition, the general trend is more space to view contentespecially multimedia. So the normal thing is that the company does not oppose the trend… Also, the iPhone SE will always be, right?

Possible rear camera of iPhone 15


Apart from what has been stated, it has also begun to leak that there may be some versions of the iPhone 15. made of titaniumLike the Pro Max variant. This is because of the excess weight this version has in the new generation, and for many it is too heavy due to constant use. By choosing this material, which is 45% lighter by Apple, the root problem will be solved. This does not mean a decrease in resistance, but it may cause a price increase… A situation that could be a big problem in sales -if this is confirmed-.

It hasn’t even been released yet and there are already bad guys

In the society we live in, times work differently, especially since the advent of social networks, the first complaints came from Apple fans. They don’t want to hear the end of the 6.1-inch iPhone. They are almost the only refuge for those who do not like large panels, so some do not see this possible measure at all. And unofficially, they’ve posted their complaints on Twitter in case this happens.

the point is still missing It gives a lot to talk about for the iPhone 15’s release and as always. Apple knows what it’s doing, no doubt about it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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