AirPods Max, Apple headphones with headband, have less effective noise reduction since the latest firmware updateas concluded Ratings after performing a detailed audio test. The aforementioned portal ensures that active noise cancellation “blocks slightly less noise between the mid-range and high-low range” in the 4E71 version, which was rolled out last May.

This isn’t the first time AirPods Max have been reported to have reduced noise cancellation after a firmware update. The Vergeeven reported this issue in September and other users also noted that ANC was less efficient than the previous version. RatingsNonetheless, ensures that the decline will not be so sharp. “In terms of the mids and highs, this firmware update has slightly changed the level of isolation, but this is a relatively minor difference,” they elaborated in the noise reduction test.

It’s unclear why Apple lowered the AirPods Max’s noise cancellation level. Especially considering that many users use headphones without playing any music. That is, simply with noise reduction turned on to isolate external sound. In fact, one of the improvements to the second generation AirPods Pro, announced last September, is the inclusion of even more noise cancellation than the previous generation. It is also unknown if the company will release an update to address this issue.

Can’t Avoid AirPods Max Firmware Update

Secondly, it is not possible to interrupt or prevent the firmware update, because it is done automatically. In most cases, they happen when the headphones are in sleep mode, inside a case, and within reach of the iPhone. Also, these types of updates usually fix minor issues and include some improvements in terms of features.

AirPods Max, let’s remember available for 629 euros or 13,699 pesos.. They share a catalog with the new second generation AirPods Pro, third generation AirPods, and second generation AirPods. At the moment, it is not known when the company will update this device.

Source: Hiper Textual

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