Undoubtedly, one of the biggest doubts that arises when purchasing a smart display from Amazon is whether it offers widely used options such as video playback from the cloud platform. If you reach YouTube If it’s important to you, we show you what you need to do to gain access. echo show.

You should know that even though YouTube is a Google platform—Amazon’s biggest competitor when it comes to smart displays—it’s entirely possible. So, if you buy any of the Echo Shows in Spain, you’ll be able to view the Mountain View company’s streaming service’s content catalog directly on your home device. And you can do this by accessing both. manual for exclusive use sound.

It’s that easy to use YouTube on the Amazon Echo Show

We’ll explain the steps you need to take to manually access YouTube so you can use the option that fits your every moment. icons as if you wanted to use the Alexa voice assistant instead, which works with a touchscreen.

Use the manual option

  • Check that the screen has sufficient Internet connection and that you have the latest operating system update installed for your Echo Show.
  • Now drag to bring up the start menu and among the options you will see is one called Videos. Click on it to access the management of such content with the Amazon device.
  • You will see there are different services you can access, click on YouTube to open the service page on your computer.
  • Now you just have to choose what you want to play (to do this you will need to use the keyboard that appears on the screen). It’s that simple with this form of access.
Amazon Echo Show 8 Smart Display


Play content using audio

Check if you don’t have it. microphone smart screenshot. Otherwise you should replace the state with the custom button included in it.

  • After that, all you have to do is use the command “Alexa, open YouTube”. This will take you to the Echo Show page.
  • Now you can search for what you want to see, you can also use your voice if you wish.
  • It’s over, you’re done.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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