Surely in some cases you have inexplicably stopped receiving notifications. apple watch What is the problem. This is usually caused by fewer problems that can be easily fixed. We show three solutions that respond to what usually happens to make this happen.

One thing you should clearly know is that the malfunction usually occurs on the Apple Watch, not the Apple Watch. iPhone with whom synchronous. Therefore, it is in the wearable accessory that you pay attention and take appropriate actions. And frankly, it’s a nuisance for what we talked about before to happen, because most useful features Smart watches exist because they don’t have to constantly pull the phone out of their jacket or pants pocket.

Three possible solutions for Apple Watch

Next, we leave the options as simple as they seem, usually they solve the problem It turned out that the Cupertino company did not receive a notification from the mobile phone that it synchronized to its smart watch. These are as follows:

Check if the Bluetooth connection is active

This is the first thing you need to do because most of the time this connection is disabled by mistake which causes loss of sync with iPhone. And obviously this is causing notifications not to be received. To check, open Control Center scroll the screen up. If you see the green phone icon, everything is fine.

Otherwise, find the option in Apple Watch Settings Bluetooth and enter. Y click on the slider until it turns from gray to green. It’s over, you’re done.

Apple Watch screen with shutdown menu


Restart Apple Watch

Gone are the days when the Cupertino company released almost error-free operating systems. Sometimes the software has performance issues that are usually fixed by a reboot. Yes, as in Windows or Android. The easiest way to achieve this is to click on it. side button When the smart watch and the related menu appear on the screen, shutdown icon which is in the upper right area. Follow the steps below and wait for everything to work properly again.

Airplane mode can be an issue

You may have accidentally enabled this option and that’s why you’re not getting notifications. To turn off Airplane Mode, go to: Adjustment On Apple Watch, then select the section with the same name. there is a slider You should be gray, not green. If not, click on it so that the option we mentioned is no longer active. This should fix the problem at hand.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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