We take a look at 10 hidden features of iPhone that few users know about and that could be really cool nowadays.

If you have an iPhone, you should know these functions: which has been available for a long time and that many users are not aware of. iOS us many secrets that can be really useful in our daily life, so we decided to examine 10 of these hidden or little known functions of our iPhone. You probably don’t know all of them.

iPhone 13 in hand

Don’t miss these cool tweaks for your iPhone

Silent calls from strangers

Spam calls are completely out of control and iPhone includes a basic function so that such calls stop bothering us. You can mute calls from unknown numbers. Settings > Phone > Mute strangers. In this way, only calls from your contacts, numbers or Siri suggestions will reach you.

Set Playback

Touching back gives us A hidden button on the Apple apple on the back of the iPhone We can configure it to our liking. A shortcut to almost anything we want. You can and must configure it from: Settings > Accessibility > Tap > Back Tap. Tap two or three times for what you want.

Turn the keyboard into a trackpad

One of the coolest and most useful tricks the iPhone keyboard has to offer. Yes hold down the spacebarthe keyboard becomes a trackpad-style surface where you can really move between what you type.

trackpad keyboard

Turn your keyboard into a trackpad

Play background sounds

A new and little-known feature of iOS. if you enter Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background sounds You will be able to see 6 different background sounds that your iPhone can play. Pink noise, white noise, brown noise, ocean, rain and stream.

Scan documents easily

The iPhone camera can scan documents very quickly and effectively. We can do this from both the Notes app and Files.

  • Scan files from Notes. Open the app and write a new note, then tap the camera icon and tap Scan Documents.
  • Scan files from files. Open the app and enter a folder, tap the circle icon in the top right and Scan documents.

Use Siri to find a lost iPhone

If you lost your iPhone somewhere in your home, use the “Hey Siri” feature to find it easily. You can turn on the flashlight or ask it to play a sound to find it quickly.


Siri can find your iPhone

Record videos with background music

Any iPhone user knows that when we start a video recording, the background music from Spotify or Apple Music is automatically disabled. But there is a trick to record video with background music, just use QuickTake function of iPhone camera. Start the song, open the camera and go to the Photo function, hold the button and swipe right.

Select text on photos or camera

One of the newest features coming to iOS. The system is now capable detecting text in photos or camera so you can copy or translate instantly. Even this app like Notes we have direct access to this function.

From the Photos app, if there is text, In the lower right we will see an icon with lines in a square. This icon also appears in the camera app or apps like Notes so you can quickly copy and paste text.

Live Text iPhone iOS 15

Copy text from pictures with the Live Text feature of your iPhone

Measure or check the level from your iPhone

iPhone includes: The app called Metrics one that can both measure the distance between various points and offer us a level. You will have downloaded the application and it is very easy to use, if you deleted it, you can download it again from the App Store.

Download iPhone user guide

One of Apple’s User guide for iPhone We can download and read it for free from the Books app. This guide is updated very frequently with the news of iOS updates.

Without a doubt, these are great functions that few users know and should use. Cool tricks to get the most out of our iPhonewith many secrets to discover.

Source: i Padizate

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