Have you ever wondered what a foldable iPhone would look like? Well, it looks like you don’t need to imagine it anymore. The iPhone V is here, and it’s a foldable version of Apple’s device. As you understand, behind this invention are not Cupertinites, but eventually lets us see what the mythical iPhone design could look like with a “slight” twist.

It was a YouTube channel 科技美学director of The Rock, who started building her own foldable version of the iPhone. As he mentions in the opening seconds of the video, “out of the top 7 phone manufacturers in the world, six have already introduced foldable screens.” However, Apple is the only company that has not embraced this trend; despite the patents that show this type of iPhone.

Because of this, Rock asked himself the question: “Can we build it ourselves?”. The answer, of course, is yes. This is what a non-Apple foldable iPhone looks like.

How this impressive foldable iPhone was made

On their YouTube channel, The Rock not only shows us the final result. In addition, he also shared the iPhone V design and development process. a foldable version whose name comes from Samsung’s Z Flip..

Following the design philosophy of the foldable device, The Rock has divided the internal components of the iPhone into two parts. The top one, which contains the battery and front and rear camera sensors. On the other hand, at the bottom is the motherboard of the device, as well as the processor and memory. Both areas are connected at the central joint..

How long did it take to build this foldable iPhone? According to the creator, the implementation of this project took a whole year. For this, used up to three 3D printers to create a case for iPhone partswhich allows it to be folded while retaining all the important functions of the terminal.

The YouTube channel even took the trouble to create a true-Apple style promotional video for the device. In it, they ensure that this iPhone V supports 5G connectivity and is equipped with an A16 Bionic processor. It also has a 12MP front camera, a Super Retina XDR screen, and the ability to fold in half. Not bad for a fan project..

YouTube video

Source: Hiper Textual

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