Company OPPO accelerating to announce a large number of devices in a short time and will be one of the star models reindeer 9. This product range, which offers an excellent quality / price ratio, will have an earlier generation than expected, because everything shows that it will become official before the end of 2022.

The Asian firm has decided to accelerate the arrival of this device in order to compete in the best possible way in the most advanced mid-range segment, one of the bestsellers among its models. Android. And in order to do this, OPPO began to request and receive the relevant certificates that will allow the Reno 9 to be put up for sale. The device was spotted on one of these assets (especially one). This considers the device fine). Bluetooth), made it clear that the launch of this smartphone is imminent.

What is known about the OPPO Reno 9

As always in this product range, it is to offer a complete team that can achieve more than the desired performance. solvent, so without having to belong to the high-end product (and its terrible prices). An example of what we said is that the phone will have a processor, which is expected in terms of its core hardware. Snapdragon 778G+ To give an example, it will not lack eight cores and access to 5G networks.

The back of the OPPO Reno 9 phone


But where the Reno 9 will particularly stand out is in terms of memory, something that’s historically common across this OPPO range. On the one hand, it will be 12GB of RAM, a pretty impressive figure, and common on models that are often very expensive. In addition store There will also be bells and whistles, because it will be able to reach the most interesting number: 256 concerts. So performance does not seem to be an issue for the phone to be announced in December 2022.

There’s also good news on fast charging, as the device will reach everywhere. 67W, a figure that is really good and combines good speed with respect for the integrity of the battery. By the way, this will be 4,500 mAh, so it is reasonable to expect the dimensions of this equipment to be very small (especially what does it have to do with thickness).

A little more detail of this smartphone

your screen 6.7 inches It has Full HD + resolution and will have interesting details such as 120Hz frequency on its panel. OLED. As for the camera, the bet will be done as usual in the OPPO range we’re talking about, as the main rear sensor is expected without going any further. 64MP (especially an OmniVision OV64B), while the one for selfies will stay above 32 megapixels.

The fact is that the OPPO Reno 9 points to the etiquette, which will have two additional variants: Pro and Pro+ (No specific data at this time). Therefore, it is one of the terminals that can be successful in sales for Christmas, if the distribution, as usual, for the products of this company is fast at the global level.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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