Last chance to buy an iPhone 14 Pro and get it before Christmas

Hurry up if you want to have the iPhone 14 Pro before Christmas in Spain. In the United States, deadlines have been extended to a 6-week period.

By Mauricio Martínez on iPhone

view The best moment has not passed in terms of production of the iPhone 14 Pro meaning. A statement was published highlighting reduced capacity of your supply chain and product delivery times do not improve. If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 14 Pro and get it before Christmas, this is the best time to take actionno.

Lack of iPhone 14 Pro that will be very difficult to improve for Christmas

In the United States only, shipping times are up to six weeks. This means that at best they won’t be on Christmas until December 27. Some may be delayed until January and all is well so that the forecasts made by analysts do not improve. Let’s remember that the main factory in China, which deals with the assembly of products, is not operating normally due to the new COVID-19 outbreaks.

79 million units expected in the current quarteran amount below the 85 million previously considered. investment firm Morgan StanleyIn an article published via Bloomberg, Indicates that a waiting period of 4 to 6 weeks will cause demand to continue. healthy.

iPhone 14 Pro cameras

iPhone 14 Pro is experiencing major manufacturing issues

Future looks bright for 2023 sales of iPhone 14 Pro

Considering the current delays, Morgan Stanley Predicts higher production in the first months of 2023. It is necessary to somehow compensate for the currently unmet demand. Moreover Reports starting to rebound in pace of work at Foxconn. Workers are being transferred gradually and they do extra work even on weekends to make up for lost time.

Will Apple manage to regain its immediate sales rate? In Spain, the situation is slightly better, but if you want to buy, you should hurry. and to have An iPhone 14 Pro before Christmas. At the moment delivery time (at the time of writing this article) after December 23. Available for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 inch 128GB on Apple Store Online.

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All in all, it doesn’t seem like good timing for Apple. One of the most demanded iPhones, iPhone 14 Pro is troublesome from assembly to delivery. We don’t know if Apple will have a record future. sale but The year 2023 looks good enough to achieve this in the next quarter when everything stabilizes..

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