New Sony WF-LS900N headphones: they have everything to compete with AirPods

One of the manufacturers that has been a reference in the headphone market for a long time is also sony. This company has announced a new model that aims to be a good buy option in standalone models. This obviously makes them rivals to the AirPods and, it must be said, they have options that ensure they don’t lose in comparison.

Whether it’s a laptop or smartphone you own, there are some notable things about this wireless model that uses Bluetooth to sync with the audio source, for example, the weight of each item is just 4.8 grams, i.e. the lightest Soy has ever released. They also have very careful ergonomics. silicone tips This ensures the perfect fit for each person.

It should also be noted that the Sony WF-LS900N has the ability to change the operation of the device. active noise cancellation (ANC) very simply. So you won’t miss anything you need to notice when using the accessory. This can be very important if, for example, you’re running (they offer water resistance so everything feels silky) and you don’t want anything to bother you when you take the subway if necessary. Choose the option with perfect comfort.

Good autonomy and lots of technology included

It should be noted that in the first case, these headphones can work independently. six hours without having to recharge. However, as is customary, cover Includes its own rechargeable battery. twenty more without having to search for a home. Additionally, fast charging is included, which, according to Sony itself, allows up to sixty minutes of use in just sixty-second operations.

Sony WF-LS900N Covered Headphones


These helmets include several proprietary technologies Which is quite interesting from Sony and additionally offers good options for users. Some of the most prominent are listed below:

  • Speak to Chat: Allows you to automatically stop active playback if it detects that you are starting a conversation with someone else. Of course, this also happens when it is detected that the headset has been removed from the ear.
  • Precise Voice Reception: It provides a high level of isolation of the user’s voice using the integrated microphones, both for talking on the phone or if you want to operate any of the available voice assistants such as Google’s own or Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Multi-point pairing: Allows you to synchronize with different devices to use each one according to the user’s needs. An example is answering a call from the phone while listening to music sent from the computer.

The price of these Sony headphones

The Sony WF-LS900N goes on sale in different Asian regions this week, with no definitive confirmation on when they will land in Spain. Of course, one thing you are more or less clear about the price of these headphones, and in return this product about 170 euros to change. I mean, it’s not exactly crazy.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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