Thinking of buying a new cell phone during Black Friday? Know that there are several models on the market with good price and well-balanced configuration. Such is the case with the OPPO A77, which has just been launched in Brazil and has a MediaTek chip.

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OPPO A77: outstanding processor and battery

Highlights of the new OPPO A77 include the elegant OPPO Glow design, which includes a side biometric reader, perfect for one-handed use of the device. The device also draws attention with its ultra-thin design of 7.99 mm. Also for those looking for safety, the A77 has IPX4 water protection, IP5X dust protection and drop resistance.

At the beginning of the device is the MediaTek Helio G35 chipset, which provides fluency in the use of applications with the use of an octa-core processor. With it, you can open apps and switch between them quickly and seamlessly. “It also offers great energy efficiency, thanks to its manufacturing process and smart energy management that ensures long battery life,” says Décio Farias, business development manager for Southern Cone at MediaTek.

Speaking of the battery, it has a 5000mAh long-lasting unit that offers enough power for more than 15 hours of use. And by enabling Energy Saver mode, the user can send messages for 50 minutes with only 5% charge. When the battery is discharged, 33W SUPERVOOC fast charging kicks in, which gets the device ready for use in a few minutes.


With its dual camera and 50MP main sensor for those who love to take pictures, the A77 brings together all OPPO’s artificial intelligence resources for image optimization. The camera suite delivers sharp, high-quality photos using features like AI Portrait Retouch, which uses artificial intelligence to correct imperfections and bring out what deserves to be valued, and AI Bokeh Portrait, which delivers an excellent amount. focus and blur🇧🇷

In addition, the A77 has ultra-linear dual stereo speakers with 200% sound functionality. It allows the user to feel the surround sound and be immersed in the music regardless of the background noise. With Dirac’s automatic sound optimization technology, noise is reduced while providing stereo on your mobile phone to provide the best experience for marathon series or enjoy your favorite tunes with the crowd.

World’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer

For those who still don’t know the brand, it’s good to know that OPPO is the world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer and is among the top companies when it comes to smartphones. “By purchasing an OPPO device, the Brazilian consumer now has a smartphone with a rugged construction and premium finish,” says Marcus Gomes, OPPO Head of Marketing in Brazil.


The company arrived in the country in September, overseeing the fifth-largest global mobile phone market and the largest mobile phone market in Latin America. This was because OPPO realized that thousands of Brazilians who bought their smartphones on e-commerce sites had its own brand in mind. “With our arrival in Brazil, the consumer now has an extensive warranty from OPPO and local technical support in their own language,” recalls Marcus Gomes.

It is worth remembering that the exclusive distribution of OPPO smartphones in Brazil is dependent on Usina de Vendas, the country’s distributor of mobility products such as mobile phones, wearables, computers and modems, among others. “We believe that the strength of the OPPO brand and portfolio offering, coupled with our mission to connect the best brands and solutions to our partners, will help drive the growth of Usina de Vendas,” said Maurício Spínola Louzada, Usina Sales Director. your sales.

Source: Tec Mundo

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