Brazil demands iPhones from stores

Apple challenges the authorities in Brazil!

by Gabriela Martínez on iPhone

Consistent with Brazilian demand include the charger in the iPhone box to Apple. Weeks after that country’s authorities approved the request and even fined Apple if it didn’t comply, investigators took to the streets to confirm that the apple company was complying with the law.

surprising and unlike their behavior in other countries. with similar requests, Apple is not yet meeting the requirement. In response, the Federal District-based consumer protection regulator confiscated iPhones in retail stores. According to a publication in the Brazilian media, the authorities of the city of Brasilia called this action “Operation Takedown”.

Apple faces big risk in Brazil

After the hijacking of iPhones, Apple Brazil asked the government to allow the sale, until the final decision of the dispute. The request was upheld by Judge Diego Câmara Alves, who has allowed the company to continue selling iPhones in Brazil until a final decision, believing the company is not infringing on any consumer rights.

The judge also alleges that the Brazilian regulator “abuses his power” with such a decision. Apple says it’s confident it will win the legal dispute, and customers are “aware of the various options for charging and connecting their devices.”

This time around, Apple’s reaction was different from what it was in France, where the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro included a “surprise” in the form of EarPods.

In France, there is a law that requires manufacturers to put headphones in the box of their devices. This law specifies that “an accessory that limits the exposure of the head to radioelectric emissions during communication” must be included.

Apple ships iPhones in France in two boxes, in the standard iPhone box we all know A larger white box containing the EarPods. This “gift” has no attachments, the iPhone 13 costs the same in Spain as in France.

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