One of the highlights of the presentation from the others Apple Watch Ultra It was because it offered superior durability than any of the company’s other smartwatches. So much so that they stated from the company that it is a suitable option for those who do intense and even risky sports.

One of the reasons we say this is because the wearable is a sapphire protection This easily goes beyond what is common with most smartwatches on the market (except those that are specifically designed for use in almost extreme situations. Some Garmin devices and even the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 are an example. finish we talked about earlier.

A video makes it clear what Apple watch has to offer

Considering that it has a resistance between sapphire, 8 and 9 pressure In this context (it surpasses the usual protection in smartwatches at number six, and at best number seven), three models from the manufacturers we mentioned were subjected to a test in which they were cut with diamonds. -Tip tools to find the actual resistance of the screen.

The results are pretty clear and all models match the scratch resistance index we mentioned. But yes, Apple Watch Ultra unique who suffers a little A minor glitch at the seventh level. For this reason, sapphire and the way it is applied does not seem to be very efficient compared to its two competitors. In any case, what leaves no doubt is that this is the most durable of all the Cupertino smartwatches on the market.

Some important things about this smartwatch

Apart from what has been mentioned about the durability offered by the Apple Watch Ultra, it is a model with details that make it a worthwhile option for those who want to not worry about doing sports or mountaineering. An example is a dual frequency GPS to optimize positioning or to allow autonomy that reaches 36 hours, which differs from other smartwatches from the manufacturer. And of course there are design improvements for more comfortable use, without going any further, the side button and digital crown are larger.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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