Tesla finally managed to deliver its first electric truck

It seemed like that day would never come. tesla He could have delivered his first electric trucks to the company that bought them, but in the end, this happened. We are talking about Semi, which is already owned by some companies such as Pepsi and fulfilled the orders of the manufacturer, which at that time was created by Elon Musk. In other words, in the words of the sailors, the port has finally been reached.

The truth is, Tesla has once again suffered all kinds of delays in the delivery of the Semi. Five years after the announcement of these all-electric trucks, some units were delivered. The truth is, amid production or supply issues (not to mention COVID), things haven’t been particularly easy at the North American company’s factories. But in the end, the final result is seen.

What does Tesla Semis offer?

These future trucks, according to Musk, use four independent engines on their rear axles to achieve a better world, which allows them to promote acceleration that would be unthinkable for other trucks, and the added autonomy is quite interesting: the best Semi model possible to achieve in this segment. 500 miles with a maximum payload of 81,000 pounds (it costs $180,000, the remaining 300 miles costs $150,000). The truth is these are good benefits, look where you look.

Another important piece of information that Musk gave at the event, which was held to give new trucks to the company that placed the first orders, is that the gains that electric trucks bring to the environment are clear. An example of this is that these large-tonnage vehicles account for 1 percent of world production, but increase to twenty percent in relation to U.S. exports.pollutants to the environment. Therefore, there is improvement in this section as well.

Elon Musk’s expectations

When the businessman makes semi trucks a reality, he jumps in to find out the level of production Tesla will deliver at its Gigafactories. And Musk has provided some very aggressive data on this as always. His idea is that 2024 least rolling from the production line 50,000 units. It’s a figure that seems hard to come by in reality. Therefore, it is best to take caution, but a significant commitment on the part of the electric vehicle manufacturer has been identified in it.

Now knowing the remaining progress cyber truckThe long-haul electric truck that Tesla is working on and is expected to be on the production line in 2023 due to the delays. liquid-cooled (which will allow it to deliver one megawatt of direct current power) quick charge made by the company.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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