In case the mixed glasses arrive at the end view (a mix of VR and AR tech) can be said to be one of the tech world’s worst kept secrets. However, the Cupertino company has not taken the step to announce this accessory so far, something that could be very close to changing according to new reports that have become known.

According to the information revealed, the North American company will intend to officially announce its glasses next year. And I wouldn’t wait long for that to happen, because the chosen moment would be an event that Apple would schedule for the 20th month. January 2023, that is, if this is confirmed, the signature of the bitten apple completely concludes everything about the design; integrated hardware; and of course software. Of course, the sale can be made after a month or two.

Last minute changes to Apple glasses

And that has to do with the last thing we discussed: software. Specifically, according to published reports, Apple would decide to rename it at the last minute, and instead of being called realityOS, the name should have been: xrOS. And what reasons would the company have for this? Well, apparently, they want to make it clear in terminology that the accessory is an accessory. fusion between virtual and augmented realityand this is the way i can find for him.

Apple-Like White Virtual Reality Glasses


Another curious thing is that this name has been registered at the same time as the information showing that the operating system has been changed for Apple glasses. But yes, the company that made it Deep Dive LLCIt is speculated that it may be a subsidiary of the Cupertino firm, new and for the time being to leave no trace. And the truth is, this has been done in other cases, so it’s nothing new (macOS for example). So, since the recording is for a “device with head-mounted displays that provide VR and augmented reality experiences,” this is highly likely to happen.

Little is known about this product for now.

While Apple’s work on this product isn’t exactly a secret, everything else is confidential. In other words, it is not known exactly what functions will be offered by the glasses or the hardware that will compete with models such as Meta Quest Pro. two 8K resolution panels and automatic and manual tracking options with the use of advanced cameras.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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